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Six Myths About Social Security Disability

There are many misconceptions about Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) that have infiltrated the public’s understanding of the program. We are going to bust these myths and ensure you have the correct information when it comes to SSDI.

1. SSDI is a government handout. False.

SSDI is an insurance policy that workers have earned. In each paycheck you receive, a percentage is taken out that goes straight to the Social Security Disability Trust Fund. If you become injured and cannot work, you’ve invested in a policy to help you financially during that time.

2. It’s easy to get SSDI. False.

There are strict guidelines set out by the Social Security Administration (SSA) that applicants must meet. In fact, most are denied on their initial applications—nearly 70 percent. Having an experienced disability lawyer on your side to assist you in filing or appealing your application helps your chances of receiving SSDI.

3. Most people that have disabilities are elderly. False.

People of any age can become disabled. More than one-in-four 20-year-olds insured for disability benefits become disabled before their retirement age.

4. People abuse the system because payments are high. False.

In 2014, the average monthly disability benefit payment was $1,146. This yearly income barely allows recipients to live above the poverty level. Though the payments are modest, they can make a huge difference to those who cannot work.

5. The same number of people are receiving SSDI as in years past. False.

Actually more people are, but there are two reasons why. Baby boomers reached their peak disability ages from 1990-2011 and more women have joined the workforce.

6. There is a lot of fraud within the system. False.

The SSA has implemented many measures to ensure that those who require SSDI are the ones benefitting from the system. These methods are so effective that less than 1 percent of cases that are found fraudulent.

Many of our clients rely on SSDI to help them get by after they become disabled. They have worked consistently their whole lives and unfortunately cannot work anymore because of a disability. We think it’s crucial that people understand the truth about SSDI and how it can help hardworking Americans during their time of need.

If you cannot work because of a disability, let Disability Justice help you get the benefits you deserve by calling us at 800-773-1300 today.

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