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Applying and appealing for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits is a complicated process. Though you’ve paid into the system, the Social Security Administration does not make it easy for workers to collect their benefits. There are a few things applicants can do to make their case a winning one or more likely to be approved.

  1. See a doctor for your conditions. It is crucial that you have a documented history of treating for your disabling medical conditions. See a specialist when possible because he/she will have a detailed understanding of how to treat for your condition. If you do not have health insurance, click here to find a free clinic.
  2. Take the prescribed medications recommended by your doctor. Your doctor prescribes medications he/she believes are best to treat your condition. A detailed history of all prescription drugs is required on your SSDI application. If you are struggling to pay for your medications, Disability Justice has an exclusive prescription drug discount card that can help you save up to 85 percent. Learn more here.
  3. Hire a Social Security Disability lawyer. Nearly 70 percent of SSDI applicants are initially denied. With a disability attorney’s assistance, you can ensure that your paperwork is filled out correctly and avoid any missteps in the process. Mistakes can cause your application to be denied and force you to live without benefits longer.

If you are struggling to work because of a disabling medical condition, do not hesitate any longer to apply for SSDI. Complete our form for a free evaluation of benefits:

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