Partner Tom Giordano, Jr. and Associate Kajal Alemo were elected to the American Association for Justice’s (AAJ) Social Security Disability Law Section. Tom was named Chair-Elect for 2017 – 2018, and Kajal was appointed At-Large Member. Elections were held in late July, during the Annual AAJ Membership Business and Elections Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts.

“Disability Justice will always be involved in and support the American Association for Justice because they are fighters, just like us,” said Tom after the election. “The AAJ fights to ensure that all Americans have access and can obtain justice in America’s courtrooms. It’s an honor to be serving as the Chair-Elect of the Social Security Disability Law Section.”

Tom emphasized the importance of continual activism and political awareness.

“My goal has been and will continue to be to make sure that our clients – as well as anyone who is applying for Social Security Disability – knows that we should not have to sit back and accept long delays and more hurdles to get benefits,” he continued. “We need to get politically involved and aware. The AAJ has always known this and will be instrumental in our fight to protect the Social Security disability system.”

Tom also commented on Kajal’s appointment to At-Large Member.

“More important than even my election is the involvement of Kajal Alemo. Kajal is already a leader for Disability Justice and I am excited to have her contribute her ideas and energy to the section. I am excited to see her grow in the AAJ.  Mark my words, she will be an executive officer in the very near future.”

The AAJ is the world’s largest trial lawyers association. Its members focus on advocating for the civil justice system, enhancing the practice of law by promoting collaboration between its members, and seeking justice for clients. They distribute a variety of publications, including the Social Security Disability Law biannual newsletter. To learn more about the AAJ and consider membership, visit their website:

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