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“Long Waits” Mount as Funding for the Social Security Administration Decreases

On June 13, NPR published an article entitled “Long Waits and Long Odds For Those Who Need Social Security Disability” that detailed the story of Stephenie Hasmi, a former Intensive Care Unit nurse in Kansas City who was forced to give up her dream job after being diagnosed with systemic lupus. After applying for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits, Hasmi’s application was denied based on the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) unbalanced regulations.

Proving disability at the initial application stage has grown increasingly difficult. Making sure that your application is complete and including all of your conditions and treating physicians is of utmost importance.  Applicants are frequently forced to appeal an initial denial, and then wait for an average of 600 days to go before a SSA judge to plead their case. The long wait times, coupled with a reduction of SSA funding by 10 percent since 2010, have created a snowball effect on the backlog of people waiting for their disability benefits.

Disability Justice is here to safeguard your rights to the Social Security Trust Fund you paid into your entire working life. Having an experienced Social Security advocacy group by your side to navigate the system can make all the difference: click here for a free evaluation of disability benefits eligibility for you or anyone you know. Also, visit our Political Action page to find out how you can have your voice heard and help contribute to positive change for Social Security. Urge your elected officials to prioritize and protect this essential nationwide program.

To read the full NPR article, click here.

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