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Warning: Scammers ‘spoofing’ SSA phone number

Authorities are warning about a new scam in which imposters claiming to be Social Security Administration employees trick people into divulging their Social Security numbers and sending money. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), here’s how the scam works:...

Veterans Should See Few Effects from the Government Shutdown

As the partial federal government shutdown enters its third week, veterans may be asking what the effects might be on their benefits. The good news is that the shutdown should have very limited effects on veterans’ benefits. The Department of Veterans Affairs remains...

Social Security checks will grow in 2019 as inflation rises

WASHINGTON (AP) — Tens of millions of Social Security recipients and other retirees will get a 2.8 percent boost in benefits next year as inflation edges higher. It’s the biggest increase most retired baby boomers have gotten. Following a stretch of low inflation, the...

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